Wondering whats bothering your pet? Bursting with excitement about that play date with your four-legged friend but aren't sure if they're enjoying it as much as you? Ask Amena Divine and her gang of furry helpers! With over 35 years of experience, Amena is gifted in the art of the cards. Harnessing the energy of Polly, Lucy, or Bobby, Amena can help you gain insight into your pet's inner thoughts and emotions. Click here to see what member of the gang is right for your reading.

Amena offers pet reading for the lower price of $29.00 USD. Simply download the form using the link to the right, complete the information, and Amena will send you a personalized pet reading in just 2-3 weeks. With your reading you will receive a free prayer card of St. Francis of Assisi; the Patron Saint of animals; and a St. Francis of Assisi charm for your pet's collar.

If you're interested in a reading for yourself please visit her website at

Amena now offers gift cards for your loved ones! Use the same form downloadable on the right and follow the instructions on the top for gift card purchases.